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Cabinets of KRURN-6 NF5 series switchgears and controlgears

The cabinets of KRURN-6 NF5 series switchgears and controlgears are intended to distribute electric power with 6 kV voltage of general power-line frequency, protect electric equipment with the insulated neutral, and control underground current collectors of iron-ore, shale, and coal mines that are not gas and dust-dangerous.

Cabinets of KRURN-6 NF5 series switchgears and controlgears

KRURN-6 NF5 series switchgears and controlgears are designed for the operation under the following conditions:

  1. altitude above sea level: no more than 1000 m; 
  2. ambient temperature: from -10º C to +35º C; 
  3. environment: atmosphere of iron-ore, coal, and shale mines with dust content of no more than 8 mg/m3; dust is non-explosive, current-conducting; 
  4. operating position in space: vertical;  
  5. departure from the operating position is permissible to any direction for up to 0.17 radian (10º).

KRURN-6 NF5 series switchgears and controlgears are characterized by compact size, high level of design solutions, reliability, and ease of maintenance.

KRURN-6 NF5 series switchgear and controlgear cabinet is furnished with a protection-and-control unit BZU-2-11 (outgoing line unit, incoming line cabinet unit, sectionalizing cabinet unit) and vacuum circuit breaker VVU-SESsch-P9-6.

KRURN-6-UKhL5 series switchgears and controlgears meet the requirements of GOST 24754.

Technical specifications: 

  Parameter name
Rated voltage, kV
Maximum operating voltage, kV
Rated current of the main circuits of the cabinet, A:
·         entrance and sectionalizing cabinets
·         cabinet of outgoing connections
315; 400; 630
50; 100; 160; 200; 315;400
Rated frequency, Hz
Rated breaking current of the embedded circuit breaker, kA
Rated short-time electrodynamic current, kA
Short-time thermal current, kA
Short-time electrodynamic current lead time, sec
Marking of mining version according to GOST 24754
RN1 (in Russian: РН1)
Ingress protection rating according to GOST14254
Version of outgoing line leads
Overall dimensions (width x depth x height), mm
800 х 1770 х 1385
Weight, no more than, kg

Made in accordance with the Corporate Standard Ts 00212883-026:2014.