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The enterprise has the license for the right of design, the license for the right of design of engineering networks and systems of buildings and constructions, and the license for design of objects of the increased risk and potentially dangerous productions, including design of the electric equipment of power plants and substations from 10 kV to 220 kV inclusive.

The realization of projects is enabled in close and mutually beneficial cooperation with the leading projecting organizations of Uzbekistan and the neighboring countries.

At the enterprise there is a design bureau performing the following works:

  1. Substations of 35/6 (10) kV, 110/6 (10) kV, 110/35/6 (10) kV, 220/6 (10) kV, 220/35/6 (10) kV;
  2. Reconstruction of objects of power supply up to 220 kV;
  3. The partitioning points with switches and RZA(relay protection devices) devices on lines 6(10) and 35 kV;
  4. Substations of 6 (10)/0,4 kV of internal and external installation (industrial, city, stationary and mobile);
  5. Distributive points 6 (10) kV of internal and external execution;
  6. The electric drive 6 (10) kV of technological mechanisms - pumps, mills, conveyors, compressors, crushers, etc. (including equipped by the equipment of smooth frequency start-up);
  7. Equipment by the equipment of smooth frequency start-up of the electric drive of the existing technological mechanisms (electrical drivers of pumps, mills, etc.);
  8. Retrofit (replacement of components of the obsolete equipment 6(10) kV, including RZA devices on electromechanical relays on the RZA modern microprocessor devices);
  9. Power lines 6(10), 35, 110 kV (air and cable).