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Laser cutting

Along with conventional types of cutting and working of metal items from 0.8 to 20 mm thick, the Company has implemented conceptually new technologies of profiled cutting of sheet/plate material by using focused controlled-power laser beam.

The devices, made by leading West-European and Asian manufacturers, used for cutting of metal by laser are characterized by high performance, reliability, high speed, and accuracy at fabrication operations. Wide range of standard options allows adapting the devices to different requirements of the customer. Laser cutting machines installed at the Company’s plant provide high-efficient processing of curved workpieces, making of contoured profiles the high-quality edges of which do not required additional processing.

The embedded multifunction numerical program control system will allow programming all the parameters of cutting and components arranged on a single sheet, calculating and minimizing the rate of the waste from that sheet, and automatically optimizing the evaluation of operation (machining) time in terms of fabrication labor coefficient.