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Expulsion-fuse disconnectors of PRV-10 series

Outdoor expulsion-fuse disconnectors of PRV-10N1 series are intended for the protection of power transformers and power distribution systems from short circuits and maximum overload current, closing and opening of sub-circuits with cut-off load with capacitive and inductive currents available as well as with voltage unavailable in the open circuit.

Expulsion-fuse disconnectors of PRV-10N1 series

The design of this apparatus is single-pole; there is an installation kit for mounting in the three-pole device; ground control is carried out by means of a special operating pole (switchhook). Its insulation is of porcelain type (insulation pollution level is II according to GOST 9920-89).

Engineering data:

Parameter name
Rated voltage, kV
Maximum operating voltage, kV
Rated current of the fuse-element, A
5; 8; 10; 16; 20; 31.5; 50
Rated current of the fuse-base, A
Rated breaking current, A
DC (aperiodic) component of the rated breaking current, kA
Impulse testing voltage to earth and between the poles, kV
Impulse testing voltage between the contacts with the fuse carrier thrown, kV
Breaking current in the disconnector operation mode, A:
- with inductive load
- with capacitive load


Expulsion zone is the cone-shaped space including exhaust products and the insulation gap around it (200 mm according to Electrical Installation Code), on the boundary of which installation of structural elements and wires is safe from in the context of electrical breakdown.

Operating conditions

  1. altitude above sea level: no more than 1000 m;
  2. ambient temperature: from -40° С to +45° С;
  3. wind speed: up to 40 m/s;
  4. wind speed when using an operating pole (switchhook): up to 15 m/s;
  5. ice thickness at glaze ice: up to 20 mm;
  6. safety requirements according to GOST