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Airline and cable line sectionalizer for 35 kV networks. 35 kV automatic circuit recloser

Airline and cable line sectionalizer for 35 kV networks (35 kV automatic circuit recloser) representы a device combining a vacuum circuit breaker and a microprocessor-based protection relay with an antifailure automatics relay. It carries out routine switching in the distribution network; automatic disconnection of a faulty section; automatic reclosure of the line; automatic differentiation of a faulty section; automatic restoration of supply on undamaged network sections; acquisition, processing, and transmission of the information of network operation mode parameters, and state of intrinsic components. Data from the automatic circuit recloser are communicated to the dispatcher console, which allows automatically tracing for faults on the overhead line.

Characteristic features:

  1. multifunctional relay protection and automation; 
  2. universality (sectionalization, metering, infeed); 
  3. embedded current and voltage metering system; 
  4. reliable uninterruptible power system; 
  5. anti-tamper protection; 
  6. simplicity, ease of installation and maintenance; 
  7. standard design solutions; 
  8. ample opportunities for teleautomation; 
  9. enhancement of the reliability of 35 kV trunk lines.

Operating conditions:

  1. ambient temperature: from -30° С to +45° С (climatic category is NF1 and placement category is as per GOST 15150); 
  2. upper permissible value of relative air humidity is 100% at a temperature of +25° С; 
  3. atmosphere type is III: industrial; relative air humidity is 80% at a temperature of 20° С; 
  4. altitude above sea level: no more than 1000 ton; 
  5. environment: non-explosive, not containing dust in concentration that may cause drop of product parameters down to inadmissible values; 
  6. wind velocity is at most 40 m/s in the absence of ice; wind velocity is up to 15 m/s at admissible glaze-clear ice wall of not more than 20 mm; 
  7. intensity of thunderstorm activity is up to 40 hours (according to Electrical Installation Code).

Key performance specification: 

  Parameter name
Rated voltage, kV
Maximum operating voltage, kV
Rated current of the main circuits, A
630; 1000; 1250
Rated breaking current of the circuit breaker (depending on the circuit breaker type), kA
Short-time electrodynamic current
Commercial-frequency test voltage, kV
Power supply to auxiliary circuits, V
=100; =220
Auxiliary transformer capacity, kVA
10; 20
Climatic category and placement category

Two versions of 35 kV automatic circuit reclosers are made:

1. Installation in a container-type modular building.

2. Installation on an assembly unit.

Made in accordance with the Enterprise Standard Ts 00212883-061:2014.