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Outdoor switchgears and controlgears of K-112 and K-123 series metering point for 6(10) kV

K-112 series outdoor switchgears and controlgears are intended to enhance the reliability of 6-10 kV power transmission lines and can be used for the sectionalization of single-way and double-way feed lines, automatic load transfer, network reservation of overhead transmission lines, as well as for ice melting.

Range of application: 6-10 kV power distribution networks of various purposes, mainly for power supply en-route power transmission lines, as well as for rural projects.

They meet the requirements of GOST 14693.

As to environment climatic aspects, the switchgears and controlgears correspond to the version U, placement category 1 according to GOST 15150-69 and GOST 15543.1-89; at that, the lower ambient temperature value is taken as minus 45° С. As to external mechanical impacts, the operating conditions of the switchgears and controlgears refer to the group M4 according to GOST 17516.1. 

  Parameter name
Rated (linear) voltage, kV
6; 10
Maximum (linear) voltage, kV
7.2; 12
Rated current of the main circuits, A
630; 1000
Types of the used circuit breakers
Rated breaking current of the circuit breaker embedded in the cabinet, kA 
Short-time thermal current of the main circuits (3 sec), kA
Rated short-time electrodynamic current of the main circuits, kA
Rated voltage of AC auxiliary circuits, V
Insulation level
Insulation type
Availability of insulation of the current-conductive parts
With non-insulated busbars
Availability of drawout elements 
Without drawout components 
Type of linear HV connections
Aerial lines; aerial inlets
Total break-time, no more than, sec
Closing time

K-112 and K-123 series outdoor switchgears and controlgears are made in compliance with the Technical Specifications TSh 64-00212883-037:2011.

PU-6(10)М series metering point for 6(10) kV is intended for metering AC electrical power of 50 Hz frequency and 6-10 kV voltage on the balance boundary running through overhead/aerial power transmission lines.

Range of application:

  1. metering of electrical energy and power consumption;
  2. control of the electrical network load and parameters; 
  3. control of unauthorized tapping of consumers to overhead lines; 
  4. control of security access to the PU-6(10)М series metering point equipment, meter and instrument transformers; 
  5. transmission of recorded information through wireless communication channels to the control station of the advanced metering infrastructure (AMI).

Composition of PU-6(10)М series metering point

In terms of design, PU-6(10)М series metering point consists of the following:

  1. high-voltage measurement module;
  2. low-voltage data recording and transmission cabinet; 
  3. installation kit: platform for the installation of the measurement module; (data recording and transmission cabinet) mounting bracket; 
  4. connecting cable: its length should be at least 3 meters.

The high-voltage measurement module is intended for:

  1. leading out of secondary wiring towards the data recording and transmission cabinet; 
  2. allows arranging high-voltage equipment; 
  3. allows arranging secondary circuit elements.  


The high-voltage measurement module is made from framed structure coated with powder enamel. The body has two doors for equipment maintenance, grounding bolt, and warning marking. The measurement module is fastened to the platform with bolts.

All the equipment installed is grounded.

Engineering data: 

  Parameter name
Rated voltage, kV
Frequency, Hz
Rated current of the main circuits, A
15 - 360
Overall dimensions, mm
Type of linear high-voltage connections 
Aerial inlet
Weight, no more than, kg
Placement category
UKhL1 (NF1 as per IEC)
Technical specifications
TSh 64-00212883-037:2011
Operating conditions
Ambient temperature, оС
from -40 to +45
Relative air humidity
40-90% at 25 оС
Protection rating