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Switchgear & control gear of K-65 series

K-65 series indoor switchgear & control gear is designed to receive and distribute three-phase AC electric power with a commercial frequency of 50 Hz and a voltage of 35 kV.

The 35 kV indoor switchgear is made in the form of a block-modular building with in-built switchgears and controlgears of K-65 series and used:

  1. as input devices for furnishing transformer substations of 35/6(10) kV;  
  2. as mid-voltage (35 kV) switchgears for furnishing transformer substations of 110/35/6(10) kV, 220/35/6(10) kV;  
  3. as free-standing switchgears for 35 kV; 
  4. as sectionalization points in 35 kV grids.

The K-65 series complete indoor switchgear is used:

  1. in the distribution networks of the energy system;
  2. in oil, gas, coal production and metallurgy industries; 
  3. for industrial enterprises; 
  4. in agriculture; 
  5. for municipal networks;
  6. and a number of other facilities.

The K-65 series switchgear and controlgear is placed:

  1. indoors;
  2. in factory-assembled heat-insulated block-modular buildings of container type.

Transformer substations with 35 kV voltage switchgears and controlgears in module blocks are made in the form of both double-ended and single-ended substations by all bridge circuits each of which include up to ten cubicles, five in each section.

The indoor switchgears containing up to five cubicles are made in the transportable fully factory-assembled block.

Switchgears with more cubicles can be made, but in that case they are delivered by blocks that are joined with each other on the mounting area.

The sectional connection between the blocks can be made by rigid open busbars through the bushing insulators located on the roof of the block-modular building or through cable insertions.

Design features and advantages:

  1. 35 KV indoor switchgears are fully factory-assembled, which allows quick mounting the facility and putting it into service.
  2. K-65 series indoor switchgear cabinets in the block-modular building are installed in a single row along the corridor, the size of which allows handling the drawout components.
  3. An access door to the roof section through the access cover at the corridor ceiling is provided for maintaining the bushing insulators located at the roof of the block-modular building in de-energized condition.
  4. The block-modular building is divided into 1500-mm-long bays (breadthways of the K-65 switchgear cubicle). One or two empty spans, the size of which is 1500x1800 mm or 3000x1800 mm, can be provided for at the shorter side of the building; those are used for the installation of supplementary equipment and for economic purposes.

Design features of the K-65 series indoor switchgear and controlgear:

  1. The design of the switchgear and controlgear cubicles is of cabinet type for unilateral maintenance, in which a vacuum switch, collecting buses, and high-voltage equipment of the 35 kV line are located.
  2. The cubicles, including the collecting buses, are completely isolated from each other by side walls; this eliminates the possibility of escalation of emergency situation to the neighboring cubicles. 
  3. The collecting buses are covered with solid insulation, except for the branch line contacts; this enables decreasing the size of the cubicles and prevents arch propagation along the collecting buses. 
  4. The switchgear and controlgear is equipped with photothyristor-based highly sensitive arch protection or fiber-optic arch protection system.
  5. The switchgear and controlgear has automatic temperature and humidity control system.

The construction of K-65 series switchgear and controlgear cabinets as well as 35 kV indoor switchgears and controlgears with K-65 series in-built cabinets is earthquake-proof within the full range of earthquake effects up to 9 magnitudes on the MSK-64 scale at the elevation of 0.0 m according to GOST 17516.1.

High operating safety of the switchgear and controlgear is ensured due to:

  1. Reliable lockout of erroneous actions (idiot proof) of the maintenance personnel.
  2. Fully automatic operating shutters that protect the maintenance personnel from accidental contact with live parts. 
  3. Possibility to ground any section of the main circuits by means of fixed earthing disconnectors.


Parameter name
Rated voltage (linear), kV
Maximum operating voltage, kV
Rated current of the switchgear and controlgear cabinet’s main circuits, A:
for U3 (N3) version:
up to 1600
for T3 version:
up to 1250
Rated current of the busbars, A
for U3 (N3) version: 1000; 1600
for T3 version:
Rated breaking current of the in-built circuit breaker, kA:
16; 20; 25; 31.5*
Short-time thermal current at a lead time of 3 sec, kA
Short-time electrodynamic current of the main circuits of switchgear and controlgear cubicles, kA
Insulation level according to GOST 1516.1
Standard insulation; level “b”
Insulation type
Presence of drawout components in the switchgear and controlgear
With drawout components
Overall dimensions of the switchgear and controlgear cabinets in heat-insulated quickly erected buildings (W x D x H), mm
1500/2250**** x 3399 x 3903/4550***
Type of linear high-voltage connections of the switchgear and controlgear inside the building
Overall dimensions of the switchgear and controlgear cabinets to install inside permanent buildings (W x D x H), mm
1500/2250***** x 1860/2950**** x 2710
Presence of live part insulation
With partially insulated busbars
Protection rating according to GOST 14254-96
IP20; IP30
Climatic category of the K-65 series switchgear and controlgear
U3 (N3 as per IEC)
T3 (T3 as per IEC)
Altitude above sea level, m
Ambient temperature, °C
+40° C; -25° C
+50° C; -10° C
Climatic category of the K-65 series switchgear and controlgear in the block-modular building
UKhL1 (NF1 as per IEC)
Ambient temperature for the climatic category of the K-65 series switchgear and controlgear in the block-modular building, °C
+40° C; -60° C

Made in accordance with the Corporate Standard Ts 64-00212883-039:2012.