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K-XXVI series switchgears and controlgears

K-XXVI series switchgears and controlgears are intended for the reception and distribution of AC electric power with commercial frequency of 50 Hz, voltages of 6 and 10 kV, and current of 630÷3150 A in the auxiliary system of thermal and nuclear power plants, as well as for the switchgears of stations and substations of industrial and other facilities of the national economy.

K-XXVI series switchgears and controlgears

K-XXVI series switchgears and controlgears are designed for indoor operation (climatic category is UKhL3 according to GOST 15150 (NF3 according to IEC)) under the following conditions:

  1. altitude above sea level: up to 1000 m;
  2. upper (effective) value of ambient temperature: no higher than +40º C;
  3. lower value of ambient temperature: no lower than -25º C; 
  4. atmosphere type: II according to GOST 15150 (approximately similar to the atmosphere of industrial areas).

K-XXVI series switchgear and controlgear cabinets have the following advantages:

  1. rigid welded construction; 
  2. aluminium and copper busbar; 
  3. reliable mechanical interlocking;
  4. vacuum switching elements;
  5. microprocessor-based protection units; 
  6. easy maintenance and serviceability, easy access to any cabinet components;
  7. full isolation of sections;
  8. arc protection of the photothyristors; 
  9. the cabinet design provides for various versions of bussed lead-ins and busbar bridges between the switchgear and controlgear cabinet rows; 
  10. state-of-the-art technologies (powder coating, cutting, bending and punching of the metal by means of automated systems) are applied for their manufacturing.

Protection and automatic equipment:

  1. by using electromechanical relays;
  2. by using microprocessor-based relays “BMRZ”, “Orion”, “Sirius”, “TEMP”, etc. 
Parameter name
Rated (linear) voltage, kV
6; 10
Maximum operating (linear) voltage of the cabinets, kV
7.2; 12
Rated current of the main circuits of the switchgear and controlgear cabinets, A
630; 1000; 1600
Rated current of the busbars, A
1000; 1600; 2000; 2500; 3150
Rated breaking current of the circuit breaker embedded in the switchgear and controlgear cabinet, kA
12.5; 16; 20; 31.5
Short-time thermal current, kA
20; 31.5
Short-time thermal current lead time, sec.
Rated short-time electrodynamic current of the main circuits, kA
51; 81
Rated frequency, Hz
Insulation type
Maintenance conditions
Bilateral maintenance
Rated control voltage, V
=220; ~220
Overall dimensions, width x height x depth, mm:
Cabinet weight with the circuit breaker, kg
Control type
Local; remote

The cabinets of K-XXVI series outdoor switchgear and controlgears are made in accordance with the Technical Specifications TSh 64-178117952-018:2005.

The product has been certified by the National Certification System of the Republic of Uzbekistan and Certification System of the Russian Federation (GOST-R).