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Unilateral maintenance collection chambers of KSO-298 series

KSO-298 series chambers with 6(10) kV voltage are intended for furnishing a set of 50 Hz commercial frequency three-phase AC switchgears of systems with an insulated neutral or a neutral earthed through a ground-fault neutralizer.

Unilateral maintenance collection chambers of KSO-298 series

The chambers are completed with small-sized vacuum switches of VVU-SEShch, BB/TEL, and VVM-SEShch types. 

  Parameter name
Rated voltage, kV
6; 10
Rated current of the main circuits, A
400; 630; 1000
Rated current of the busbars, A
400; 630; 1000
Rated chamber pullout current:
·   with a high-voltage circuit breaker, kA
·   with a load-break switch, A
Short-time electrodynamic current, kA
Short-time thermal current lead time, sec
Overall dimensions of the chamber, WxDxH, mm:
·   with high-voltage circuit breakers
·   with auxiliary power transformers 
750 x 1100 x 2650
1000 x 1100 x 2650
Protection and automatic equipment:
·   with electromechanical relays 
·   with microprocessor relays
“BMRZ”, “Orion”, “Sirius”, “TEMP” etc.
Climatic category according to GOST 15150 (and according to IEC)
U3 (N3)

Made in accordance with the Corporate Standard Ts 00212883-011:2015.