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High-voltage cubicles of YaKNO series

Outdoor YaKNO series high-voltage cubicles of switchgear & control gear are designed to supply power to the electrical equipment of open-mine excavators; they are installed in the branch-off and main networks of opencast mines, in the places of connection to the in-pit overhead power transmission lines of up to 10 kV voltage.

The cubicles have the following standard versions: air-cable; cable-air; air-air; and cable-cable. These differ in wiring method based on the arrangement of main and auxiliary circuits and can be completed with sledges upon a customer’s request.

Key performance specification of YaKNO: 

  Parameter name
Rated (linear) voltage, kV
6; 10
Maximum operating (linear) voltage, kV
7.2; 12
Rated current of the primary circuits of the cubicles, A
50, 100, 200, 300, 400, 600
Rated current of the busbars, A
Rated breaking current of the circuit breaker
embedded in the cubicles, kA
Short-time electrodynamic current of the primary circuits, kA
Insulation according to GOST 1516.1
Busbar system
With one busbar system
Phase segregation method
With non-segregated phases
Availability of drawout components
Without drawout components
Design of high-voltage leading-in connections
input – aerial; output – aerial
input – cable; output – cable
input – cable; output – aerial
input – aerial; output – cable
Maintenance conditions
Bilateral-maintenance cubicles
Busbar insulation
Cubicles with non-insulated busbars
Environmental protection rating according to GOST 14254-96
IP34 design of cubicles
Design of lead-ins
Cubicles with the lead-in design of category 2* as per GOST 9920
Control method
Local; remote
Vacuum circuit breaker type
VVU-SESch-P3-10/20-1000; VVM-SESch-10/20-1000; BB/TEL-10/20-1000
Vacuum circuit breaker drive
Integrated spring-actuated electromagnetic; electromagnetic
Protection type
Relaying; microprocessor-based
Rated voltage of the auxiliary circuits, V:
1)       AC protection and control circuits
2)       signal circuits
3)       protection, accounting and metering circuits
4)       lighting circuits
5)       heating circuits
Overall dimensions (w/o slides), mm:
width x depth x height (considering bushing insulators)
1005/900 x 1300 x 3100
Weight (w/o slides), no more than, kg
Ambient temperature, °С
from -45° С to +50° С
Mechanical stress according to the maintenance function
М18 as per GOST 17516
Non-explosive, containing no current-conducting dust
Altitude above sea level, no more than, m

Made in accordance with the Technical Specifications TSh 64-17817952-007:2004.