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Zru series indoor switchgear for 6(10)/0.4 kV

The indoor switchgear of ZRU series is a complete modular building with the basic set of electrical equipment and life-support systems and designed for the acceptance and distribution of three-phase AC electric power and transmission it to consumers.

The overall dimensions of indoor switchgear and building blocks will be determined according to the size of switchgear & controlgear cubicles, cabinet maintenance features (single-sided or double-sided), in-line arrangement (one-row or two-row), and shipping dimensions, which are necessary to place the blocks on the road or railroad transport.

The user-friendly design of the indoor switchgear enables compactly installing indoor switchgear equipment, and the secure isolation of the cubicles from each other excludes the possibility of emergency situations throughout the installation.

Indoor switchgear delivery package includes:

  1. complete modular building for equipment arrangement, set of external metal structures (maintenance platforms, stairs, canopies over doors); 
  2. switchgear & controlgear cabinets;  
  3. auxiliary transformers; 
  4. life-support systems (lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning); 
  5. security and fire alarm system; 
  6. current conductors (bus-bar bridges, bus inputs); 
  7. cable constructions; 
  8. elements of overhead/aerial lead-in terminals, bushing insulators; 
  9. major components and parts, spare parts of indoor switchgear cabinets; 
  10. supplementary equipment and hardware products on customer’s request. 


Parameter name
Rated voltage, kV
Rated current of busbars, А
1600; 2500; 3150
1250; 1600
Rated short-circuit current, kA
20; 31.5
20; 25
Input type
Bus-type / Cable
Indoor switchgear cabinets allocation scheme
One-row / Two-row
Indoor switchgear cabinets maintenance methods
One-row / Two-row
Indoor switchgear auxiliaries voltage, V
~ 380
Auxiliary DC voltage, V
= 220
Lighting network and alarm system voltage, V
~ 220
Wall outlet circuit voltage, V
~ 12 ÷ 42
Wall outlet AC circuit voltage, V
~ 220
Overall dimensions of one module block, m:
-    width
-    height
-    length
2250 ÷ 3000
3250 ÷ 3450
6750 ÷ 7200