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Auxiliaries board of ShchSN-0.4 series

The auxiliaries board of ShchSN-0.4 series is intended to receive and distribute AC electric power from auxiliary transformers and to arrange auxiliary networks.

Auxiliaries board of ShchSN-0.4 series

The panel is made as a structure assembled from the following metal cabinets:

  1. input panels; 
  2. section panels with an automatic transfer switch; 
  3. AC distribution panels; 
  4. measuring and protection circuits.

The apparatus of secondary control wiring circuits and control instrumentation used in the cabinets is manufactured by leading Russian and other foreign manufacturers, such as Schneider Electric, Relpol, Elektropribor, etc. The automatic transfer switch AVR-0.4 is made by using both electromechanical relays and microprocessor units.


Auxiliary power supply to substations and power stations with AC voltage of 220-380 V and 50-60 Hz frequency:

  1. cabinets of power supply to circuit breaker drives; 
  2. heating of outdoor cabinets; 
  3. autotransformers (transformers) cooling cabinets; 
  4. chargers; 
  5. lighting units; 
  6. fire-extinguishing pumps; 
  7. cabinets of power supply to the circuits of electromagnetic locking disconnector; 
  8. ventilation and heating of substation control room; 
  9. exterior lighting; 
  10. communication, automated process control system; 
  11. etc.


Auxiliaries board of ShchSN-0.4 series can be fed from one or two auxiliary transformers (other options are also available).

The following is provided for in the ShchSN-0.4 series auxiliaries board:

  1. unilateral or bilateral maintenance of cabinets;
  2. integration of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) units at the auxiliaries lead terminal; the type of the meters to be installed is determined proceeding from the relevant questionnaire; an option is available when advanced (commercial) metering of outgoing circuits is installed in a separate cabinet; 
  3. three types of control are provided for the main and sectionalizing automatic circuit breakers: local; remote; and telecontrol.  
  4. availability of automatic transfer switch with possible local and remote control as well as control by means of communications protocol; 
  5. emission of discrete signals about the condition of outgoing automatic circuit breakers and faults.

All the signals are transferred by the Modbus protocol to the automated process control system.