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10 kV complete transformer substations of KTP series

Complete transformer substations of KTP 6(10) kV series are designed to receive, transform, and distribute three-phase alternating-current electric power of 50/60 Hz commercial frequency.

10 kV complete transformer substations of KTP series


The complete transformer substation is suitable for operation under the following conditions:

• altitude above sea level: no more than 1000 m;

• ambient air temperature: from minus 45º C to plus 40º C for climatic category N1; from minus 60º C to plus 40º C for the climatic category NF1 as per GOST 15150;

• environment: industrial atmosphere of type 2 (non-explosive, not containing chemically active gases and vapor in concentration that may cause drop of KTP parameters down to inadmissible values). Interpretation of reference designation.




















Climatic category and placement category as per GOST 15150-69










Low-voltage side class, kV (0.2 as single phase of substation)










High-voltage side class (6 or 10), kV










Power transformer capacity, kVA










Type of the input to HV device and output from LV switchgear: V – aerial type; K – cable type (when ordering for kiosk-type complete transformer substation KTPK and urban complete transformer substation KTPG)










Type of transformer substation

MO - single-phase pole-mounted

MOZh - railway pole-mounted type

M1P - three-phase single-pole-mounted type

M2P - three-phase two-pole-mounted type

S - rural type

K - kiosk-type

Km - kiosk-type, small-sized

G - urban type

P - industrial type

BR - for drilling rigs










Complete transformer substation of KTP type










Number of power transformers (in case of one transformer, “1” is not written down)

Example: KTPS-25/10/0.4-U1 represents a complete transformer substation of rural type, capacity is 25 kVA, high-voltage side is 10 kV, low-voltage side is 0.4 kV, outdoor type, climatic category is U1.

The substation meets the requirements of the State Standard GOST 14695-97 and is made in compliance with the Enterprise Standard Ts 00212883-057:2013. 

This product has the certificate of conformity with the standards of the National Certification System of the Republic of Uzbekistan and GOST-R of the Russian Federation.