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Block-modular buildings for industrial package transformer substations

The modular building is equipped with artificial and natural ventilation, heating, lighting, and fire-alarm systems. Depending on the size and layout of the KTPP series industrial package transformer substation, it is possible to produce a building from one or more module blocks where either all industrial package transformer substation switchboard is fixed or in the form of transport sections (if the building carcase is composed of several module blocks).


Parameter name
KTPP auxiliaries voltage, V
~ 380
Lighting network and alarm system voltage, V
~ 220
Wall outlet circuit voltage, V
~ 12 ÷ 42
Wall outlet AC circuit voltage, V
~ 220
Overall dimensions of one module block, m:
-    width
-    height
-    length
2250 ÷ 3000
3250 ÷ 3450
6750 ÷ 7200