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Railway package transformer substation for 27.5/0.4(0.23) kV

Railway package transformer substation of KTPZh, KTPZho (one-phase substation) series for 27.5/0.4(0.23) kV is designed to receive, transform, and distribute alternating-current electric power with a commercial frequency of 50 Hz and used for connecting non-traction railway consumers to two-wire-rail lines.

The following equipment is used in the 27.5/0.4 kV KTPZh series railway package transformer substation:

  1. power transformer of TMG (TM) and OMG series with a capacity of 2, 4, 10, 25, 40, 63, 100, 160, 250, 400 or 630kVA;
  2. overvoltage suppressors of OPN-27.5/33 UKhL1 (NF1 as per IEC) series; 
  3. polymer or porcelain insulators;  
  4. disconnector of RGPZ 1-II-35/1000 UKhL1 (NF1 as per IEC) series.

The design features and advantages of 27.5/0.4(0.23)kV railway package transformer substation are as follows: 

  1. Electromechanical and electric interlocks are provided for in the substation. 
  2. Tinned contact points.
  3. Double corrosion-resistant coating (with enamel). 
  4. All required protection means are installed in KTPZh, KTPZho against: atmospheric (lightning) overvoltage and switching overvoltage; line-to-line faults; overcharging and line-to-line faults on 0.4 kV lines. 
  5. Easy maintenance and serviceability.
  6. Reduced weight and size parameters.


  Parameter name
Power transformer capacity, kVA
2;4; 10; 25; 40; 63; 100; 160; 250; 400; 630
Rated (linear) voltage on the high-voltage side, kV
Maximum operating voltage on the high-voltage side, kV
Rated fuse current (rating) on the low-voltage side, kA
2; 3.2; 5; 8; 10; 20
Rated fuse-breaking current, kA
3.2 – for Ir = 10 А;
8 – for other current ratings
Air pollutant concentration according to GOST 9920
Ambient temperature
-45º С; +40º С
-60º С; +40º С
KTPZh, KTPZho circuit insulation resistance, MΩ
Sound level, no higher than, dBA
Winding circuit and vector group of transformer only tree phase
Y/YN-0; Δ/YN-11
Protection rating according to the enclosure type as per GOST 14254-80:
· for low-voltage cabinet
· for other components
Climatic category according to GOST/IEC
Weight, no more than, kg


Made in accordance with the Corporate Standard Ts 00212883 - 021:2014.