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Substation control house (OPU)

Substation control house of OPU series is designed for controlling technological processes in the substation. It is composed of separate operational units that are interconnected and assembled into separate compartments. There are all the things most required for the maintenance personnel to make its job and for operation of the equipment placed therein: electric heating; illumination; ventilation. Also, cables and in-house communication conductors are laid.

The number of units in the OPU module, layout design of auxiliary rooms, and type of control panels is to be specified by a design organization on a case-by-case basis for a particular facility in accordance with recommended configuration.

When designing OPU, the following rooms can be arranged in its building in accordance with the design or customer’s request:

  1. equipment and apparatus (cabinets, switch boards, and panels) placement space; 
  2. control room; 
  3. communication room; 
  4. room for field service team; 
  5. storage battery room; 
  6. and other rooms/spaces in accordance with a relevant questionnaire.

The OPU delivery package includes the following:

  1. factory-assembled modular building for placing equipment; set of external steel structures (maintenance platforms, staircases, door canopies);  
  2. outdoor switchgear equipment control panels; 
  3. communications, telemechanics, and metering panels; 
  4. AC and DC switchboards; 
  5. panels of the cabinets of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI); 
  6. life-support system (illumination, heating, ventilation, conditioning);  
  7. security and fire alarm system; 
  8. process/manufacturing equipment control panels; 
  9. supplementary equipment and hardware products on customer’s request.


Parameter name
OPU auxiliaries voltage, V
~ 380
Auxiliary DC voltage, V
= 220
Lighting network and alarm system voltage, V
~ 220
Wall outlet circuit voltage, V
~ 12 ÷ 42
Wall outlet AC circuit voltage, V
~ 220
Overall dimensions of one module block, m:
-    width
-    height
-    length
2250 ÷ 3000
3250 ÷ 3450
6750 ÷ 7200