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Mobile package transformer substation with a capacity of 1000, 1600 kVA for a voltage of 35/6(10) kV

Mobile package transformer substation for 35/6(10) kV is designed to receive, transform, and distribute three-phase alternating-current electric power of 50 Hz commercial frequency.


  Parameter name
Rated voltage on the high-voltage side, kV
Rated voltage on the low-voltage side, kV
Rated capacity, kVA
1000; 1600
Frequency, Hz
Rated current of the main circuits, A
Short-time thermal current, at a lead time of 3 sec, kA
Short-time electrodynamic current, kA
Overall dimensions, mm
11800 x 5500 x 6300
Climatic category and placement category


It is mainly used to supply electric power to remote mining and gas & oil industries sites where required to change the substation installation location from time to time.


  1. The substation is mounted on sledges with the common metalware on which the following units are mounted:
  2. receiving gantry of 35 kV with a 35-kV hand-operated disconnector installed on it; suspension insulators are fixed on the gantry for descending from power transmission lines and connection to the substation;
  3. high-voltage unit on which the following devices are installed: high-voltage vacuum switch; current transformers; and overvoltage suppressors;
  4. base insulator unit with a lighting installation;
  5. power transformer; 
  6. auxiliary transformer unit; 
  7. one (two) YAKNO-series outdoor complete cubicles for power supply to the end user;
  8. relaying equipment cabinet in which the following are arranged: power transformer protection units; 35-kV switch control unit; on-load transformer voltage control unit; and equipment for distribution of auxiliaries and heating automation.

A section for the equipment of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) is provided for in the cabinet.

The design features and advantages of the substation are as follows:

  1. There is no need for preliminary construction works;
  2. Mobile design assembled on a single sledge allows moving the substation in a very short time; 
  3. The substation provides for mechanical interlocks preventing erroneous actions (idiot proof) of the maintenance personnel; 
  4. The up-to-date equipment installed on the substation implies the following: simplicity; serviceability;
  5. and reliability in whole.

Made in accordance with the Corporate Standard Ts 00212883-061:2014.